Trump tweets terrifying video about the lasting legacy of ‘Trumpism’

We’re used to seeing genuinely alarming posts on Donald Trump’s twitter feed.

Misleading posts about immigration, his opponents, and his record.

But his latest tweet might be his most chilling yet.

The video shows a Time magazine front cover about ‘How Trumpism outlasts Trump’, featuring campaign signs for Trump 2024, Trump 2028 and so on. The animation - with the famous Peer Gynt Suite playing in the background - then speeds up, spinning the numbers all the way to Trump 90,000.

On first viewing, you’d be forgiven for thinking the tweet implies Trump will be looking to run for more than two terms (something he has implied in the past).

But in fact the video suggests something more chilling than Trump literally being president until the year 90,000.


Democrats are hoping to oust the president from the Oval Office in next year's election, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Donald Trump. He has brought a new style of politics to America, and compiled a huge mass of devout followers. These ideals won’t disappear when he leaves office.

And Trump’s embracing of this Time magazine article shows that he knows what a lasting impact he is likely to have on America and perhaps even the world.

On social media, the response to the video has been, understandably, one of confusion - and horror.

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