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Donald Trump has just arrived in the UK and thousands of protesters are taking the opportunity to express their opposition to his racist rhetoric and regressive stance on immigration, abortion and climate change.

Some 250,000 people are expected to march from Trafalgar Square on Tuesday to rally against the US president, following his movements as he spends the day in Westminster, taking breakfast with business leaders at St James' Palace and meeting with lame duck prime minister Theresa May at Downing Street before taking questions from the media.

Among those rallying to voice their opposition, many will be first-time protesters.

To make the day as stress-free for you and as stressful for Trump as possible, we chatted to the Stop Trump Coalition on how to stay safe, have fun and get your point across.

1. Bring water, snacks and sun cream.

It might seem basic, but it's guaranteed to be hot, especially with thousands crammed into the narrow London streets.

Bringing plenty of water and sun cream is a must to ensure you stay safe in the current stuffy weather.

2. Set up a meet-up point with your friends.

If you lose your mobile or lose reception, a meeting point can help out, advises the Stop Trump Coalition.

There are going to be so many people in central London you might have trouble with phone reception so set a meet up point with your friends and family in case you lose each other.

Basically, be ready to get by without your phone in case of emergency.

Likewise, if you're heading to the protest alone, tell someone else where you're going.

3. Don't be scared to ask for help.

Participating groups will have stewards on hand ensure the safety of participants. Use them.

4. Know your placard options.

To get as much attention for your signs as possible, post pictures and videos on social media from the protest under either #carnivalofresistance and #togetheragainsttrump.

5. Remember that you'll be in good company.

The Stop Trump Coalition has been "inundated with messages from first time protestors" and said:

The number of people that are going to be marching and rallying for the first time just goes to show the strength of feeling in the UK against Trump and everything he stands for.

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