White Trump voter tells Black Biden supporter 'I'm white and proud of it!'

Joshua Zitser
Monday 02 November 2020 11:45

In a jaw-dropping video, a white Trump voter from Florida told a Black woman that racism isn't real and that she is white and proud.

On MSNBC’s AM Joy, Jonathan Capehart introduced a segment in which a group of older women from Sarasota, Florida discussed the election.

Capehart introduced the segment by talking about “Trump’s history of racist rhetoric, including his thinly-veiled promise to save the suburbs”.

He explained how “his message comes amid a stark racial divide in this country.”

That divide, said Capehart, was on display in the segment when Chris Jangsing sat down with the older Florida voters.

A Black voter said: “He has encouraged white supremacists.”

She added: “He is a racist."

A Trump voter in the group was outraged by this. She repeatedly said: “Don’t use those terms”.

Later in the clip, the Biden supporter justified her earlier comments. She said: “I will use that term because racism is real.”

The Trump voter, astonishingly, replied:

I know that it’s not because I’m white and I’m proud of it!

The Black Biden supporter replied: “My people are still getting shot without provocation.”

Another Trump voter chimed in and blamed it on Black people not listening to the police.