It appears that Donald Trump has finally gotten the wall that he has been banging on about for years, only it's not in the place that he promised it would be.

Due to the amount of unrest and protests that have been happening in the United States in the past few weeks following the death of George Floyd a temporary wall, or fence, has been erected around the perimeter of Lafayette Square in Washington DC to prevent anyone from getting near the White House.

However, rather than tear down the wall and ignite more violence, protesters have taken a different initiative. In the past few days, messages of hope and defiance have been plastered on the fence as well as the names of black men and women who have lost their lives due to police brutality in the United States.

Hannah Natanson of TheWashington Post shared footage of the makeshift memorial which almost obscures any view of the White House altogether.

Natanson added that a huge Black Lives Matter has been hung from the fence and sits directly in front of The White House.

This small act of peaceful defiances has been viewed more than 5 million times on Twitter and inspired many positive reactions.

16 Street, which is directly opposite the White House has had 'Black Lives Matter' painted on the road in letter big enough that it is reportedly visible from space.

This has now had the words 'defund the police' added to it.

Although not on the same scale or size, the protestors in Bristol who tore down the statue of slave trader Edward Colston have left hundreds of placards and anti-racist messages where the sculpture once stood.

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