Donald Trump has not always been a hit with female voters.

During his presidential campaign, we heard Trump making numerous sexist remarks against journalists and, of course, his opponent Hillary Clinton. A few weeks before the end of the campaign, Trump was infamously recorded bragging about touching women without their consent, prompting numerous women to come forward with various forms of sexual misconduct.

Since becoming president, Trump has mocked alleged sexual assault survivor Christine Blasey Ford. He has also doubled down on his opposition to abortion, appointing pro-life judges to the Supreme Court.

But all this didn’t stop Baylor women’s basketball team from visiting Trump in the Oval Office. After winning the NCAA Women's championship, the team proudly presented Trump with his own team Jersey, with his name on the back.

Joking about the size, the team quipped that perhaps it’d be better suited to Trump’s wife Melania.

Trump then responded with some bizarre but characteristically Trumpian comments.

Picking up his new jersey and looking at the team-mates, the president said:

You know, I love those short sleeves. Such beautiful arms - great definition.

Because what better way to compliment sportswomen than by *checks notes* commenting on their bodies?

People on Twitter weren't impressed with the gaffe.

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