Campaign rallies are usually field days for Trump as he is literally given a platform to say anything he wants, and this time, the president really didn't hold back.

From prescription drugs to bashing the media and insulting his Democratic opponents, Trump's almost two-hour speech in Green Bay, Wisconsin covered pretty much everything.

But the president's comment about intelligence officials being 'scum' caught a lot of attention. Speaking to a cheering crowd wearing their red MAGA hats, Trump announced:

If you look at what’s happened with the scum that’s leaving the very top of government, people that others used to say, oh, that’s one — these were dirty cops. These were dirty players.

He was most likely referring to officials who resigned or were forced out. The event was also the first campaign rally since the publishing of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

People picked up on the president's comment, taking to Twitter to call it out for what it really is:

But Trump's rant did not end there. The president expressed his support for the " very rich" Saudi Arabians, used his special vocabulary to smear "Sleepy Joe", "Crazy Bernie", and "Pocahontas" and obviously didn't forget to bash the media, attacking their ratings and calling them "sick people".

Another notable moment was then Trump spoke about a controversial plan to relocate the "100,000" illegal immigrants arriving at the American border last month to "sanctuary cities", which he bragged was "actually my sick idea". Yes, really.

The Democratic National Committee responded to his comments on the plan, calling them "disgusting" and writing:

Trump gleefully admits it was his 'sick idea' to use immigrants as pawns in his games of political retribution.

The unrestrained rally was scheduled at the same time as the White House Correspondents dinner, which the Trump administration has been boycotting since he became president.

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