Trump leaves people speechless with 'horrifying' footage of him dancing to ‘YMCA’

Screenshot via @BrianClowdus / Twitter

Just when you thought Donald Trump couldn’t get any more cringe, a video of him dancing to The Village People emerges on social media.

During the president’s first rally since being diagnosed with coronavirus earlier this month, he stood on stage and bent his knees merrily as he pointed enthusiastically into the crowd.

But what was the song that put him in the mood to dance? YMCA by The Village People.

And people in the audience at the Florida rally were absolutely loving it:

The adoration for Trump spilled over onto social media among his supporters.

But not everyone was as, er, enthusiastic about the dancing:

Especially with over 215,000 people having died in the US as a result of coronavirus:

While many pointed out the fact that Trump was dancing to a song widely acknowledged to be a “gay anthem”, yet Trump’s administration has previously set back LGBTQ+ rights – like implementing his trans military ban or refusing to light the White House up in rainbow colours for Pride Month.

It’s not the only The Village People song Trump used at his Florida rally on Monday night.

His team also played “Macho Man” for the crowd of mostly maskless adoring fans and Anderson Cooper couldn’t contain his amusement:

Just in case you want to enjoy the original “YMCA” music video, here’s a refresher:

Now *that’s* how it’s done...

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