Tucker Carlson guest suggests men try 'testicle tanning' to raise testosterone levels

Tucker Carlson guest suggests men try 'testicle tanning' to raise testosterone levels
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You have to have a lot of balls to try out a technique suggested by Tucker Carlson and one of his guests, because you won’t have many left afterwards.

The controversial Fox News host has turned his attention to the male hormone testosterone in his latest Tucker Carlson Original documentary, and one interviewee had a pretty nuts way to boost the chemical in men.


Fitness professional Andrew McGovern told Carlson: “If you want to optimise and take it to another level, expose yourself to red light therapy…”

“Which is testicle tanning,” the presenter asked.

Mr McGovern continued: “It’s testicle tanning, but it’s also full body red light therapy, which has [a] massive amount of benefits. There’s so much data that isn’t being picked up.

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“It’s not crazy to seek solutions, and I was recently exposed to a term called ‘bromeopathy’, and I think there’s a lot of people out there right now that don’t trust the mainstream information.”

The programme’s next guest, “All Summer Long” singer Kid Rock, spoke for us all in his reaction, as he struggled to keep it together.

“Dude, stop, testicle tanning? Come on,” he said, giving out a light chuckle as he did so.

Carlson somehow thought Kid Rock – real name Robert Richie – was genuinely amazed by the suggestion, rather than being in pure disbelief: “Open your mind, Bobby!”

“I’m starting a punk rock band and it’s called testicle tanning and that’s the end of it,” joked Richie.

Replying in a high-pitched voice while laughing, Carlson tries – and fails – to get the musician on board with the idea: “I think you’ll be massively successful.

“I mean, don’t you think at this point, where so many of the therapies [and] the paths they have told us to take have turned out to be dead ends that have really hurt people, why wouldn’t open-minded people seek these solutions?”

Still finding it difficult to process the concept of ‘testicle tanning’, Richie responded: “I don’t know what the hell is going on in this world. I’m not even sure if I understood that question, but some days you just want to stop this planet and let me off.”

Same here, Kid Rock… Same here.

Others on Twitter also shared their shock at the bizarre advice:

Oh, and if we’re talking about “data”, then we found a 2016 study by Brazilian and Spanish researchers found higher temperatures “lead to an increase of testicular metabolism [chemical reactions] that results in spermatic damage”.

Basically, don’t fry your testicles at home, lads.

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