Tucker Carlson shares theory on how 'pure' Pence is trying to stitch up Trump

Tucker Carlson shares theory that 'flamboyantly pure Pence' is trying to stitch …

Fox News host Tucker Carlson believes “flamboyantly pure” Mike Pence was trying to stitch up Donald Trump after saving President Joe Biden following the discovery of classified documents in his home.

On Tuesday evening (24 January), Carlson didn’t hesitate to go into a tirade about the former vice president.

“Mike Pence of all people has swooped in to save Joe Biden,” he says on his show Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“Yes, Mike Pence. A man so flamboyantly pure he won’t have dinner with ladies, not his wife. Mike Pence had secret documents in his house, just like Joe Biden. Bet you didn’t see that coming,” Carlson says.

The host also referenced the November 2022 interview Pence had with ABC News’ Dave Muir, where he insisted that classified documents weren’t taken out of the White House.

However, Carlson still pondered why Pence sent his lawyers to scope out classified documents, saying it was “likely that Mike Pence was asked to do this by federal prosecutors trying to build a case against his old boss, Donald Trump.”

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Once the documents were discovered in Pence’s Carmel, Indiana home, Pence notified many governmental agencies in the US, such as the FBI, the National Archives, and the congressional leaders of both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Carlson believes this was “odd” for Pence to do, citing that it is a “felony.”

“We’ve heard that again and again. Keeping classified documents at home is a felony. Pence didn’t seem embarrassed about it – he almost bragged about it.”

Carlson further notes that he feels Pence wasn’t concerned about “being punished” for having the classified documents in his home despite living in a nation where “all laws” should apply to everyone.

He continues: “That means that keeping classified documents in your house is not a big deal except when Donald Trump does it. Mike Pence Proves that. Mike Pence committed the same crime as Joe Biden. Joe Biden must be innocent.”

Tucker: This is really the scandal, it's right

Carlson’s claim about the former commander-in-chief being treated unfairly compared to Biden and Pence on the documents doesn’t take into account the time the Department of Justice obtained a search warrant, seizing over 100 documents marked classified from his Mar-a-Lago estate in August 2022.

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