Prime Minister Theresa May is in Turkey at the moment discussing a controversial £100 million fighter jet deal and the ongoing, complex migrant crisis in the region.

However, when asked by a journalist for her thoughts on Donald Trump's controversial order to block refugees from Syria from entering the US, Mrs May refused to condemn the president.

May was, in fact, asked three times by reporters to condemn Trump's ban, which also includes a ban on refugees from six other major Muslim countries for 120 days.

Three times she evaded the question.

Speaking at the joint press conference with the Turkish prime minister, she responded to one question with:

The United States is responsible for the United States' policy on refugees

She is already being heavily criticised online.

The former Labour leader Ed Miliband said May’s ‘silence is complicity’ in one tweet, adding:

Other users voiced their concerns:

Prime Minister Yıldırım of Turkey however, was much more direct with the gathered press. He said that members of the UN “cannot turn a blind eye to this issue and settle it by constructing walls”.


Nobody leaves their homes for nothing, they came here to save their lives and our doors were open…and we would do it again,” he added. “If there is someone in need, you need to give them a helping hand to make sure they survive.

Hopefully this line of questioning will continue until we get a definitive answer from the UK PM.

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