The 'Open the noor' viral ring video explained

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Ring cameras provide security for homes, but it also turns out the devices can also capture moments from funny to creepy as the latest "Open the noor" viral TikTok proves.

The video itself shows a middle-aged man, who appears to have had one too many drinks, repeatedly demanded “open the noor’, as he stood crouched before the Ring camera, while he attempted to "open the noor" himself.

Soon, the video went viral for the man's alternative pronunciation to the word "door."

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According to the website Know Your Meme, the TikTok originates from TikToker @samantha_roseeeee who posted the clip in late October last year with the caption: "pov: you're home alone and wake up to this at 5am wryd? [what are you doing?]."

The clip was shot in Alabama and the man in the video was Samantha's father trying to get into the house in the early hours and recorded her dad's antics and posted the video to make it seem like it was a stranger at the door.


What would you do?? 😳 #ringdoorbell #ringcamera #scary #creepy #crimetiktok #911 #openthedoor

But the video went even more viral when TikToker @jimmywells96 used the clip as part of a mock news skit for his YouTube channel Outside Edition where he pretended to be an angry Ohio resident who wanted to "get the fuck out of Ohio" because of the guy recorded on his Ring camera.

He posted a snippet of the parody to TikTok in December last year which went viral with 22.2m views, (hence why people thought the clip was from Ohio when it's actually from Alabama).


can’t even peacefully have a morning coffee in Ohio 💀💀💀💀

As a result "Open the noor" became a trending sound, where people created their own skits, memes and lip-dubbed to the video.

To begin with, many created photo slideshows of Breaking Bad's Walt Jr to imagine the character saying the quote while later on others edited Samantha's dad into different settings using the greenscreen effect.

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