This tweet perfectly sums up why diversity is important

Moonlight, Get Out and Black Panther screengrab

Diversity is having a good time in the entertainment industry recently - and Twitter user Erica Joy has summed it up perfectly.

Marvel’s Black Panther, made up of an almost entirely black cast is breaking all sorts of records, including biggest solo superhero launch of all time and biggest February opening weekend.

And the film hasn’t even completed its cinema run.

It’s not just the Marvel movie: films with predominantly black actors have been basking in the much-deserved limelight and collecting awards.

Jordan Peele’s insidious racial thriller Get Out won best film at the Independent Spirit Awards, and the feature is set to win four Oscars including best actor for Daniel Kaluuya’s riveting performance.

But that’s just the tip of very large iceberg. Earlier this year, Hidden Figures also won lots of awards for its portrayal of three brilliant African American women working in Nasa during the Space Race, and Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight, a delicate love story between two black men, won three Oscars.

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