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The US is a tense place right now, and race relations are facing particular strain under Donald Trump’s presidency.

Nearly half of voters polled in November last year said they expect Trump’s election to worsen race relations, according to Pew Research Center.

Twitter user Droptoptimus Prime shared a photo of two stories, which the media wrote about in two very different ways:

The story on the left is headlined:

‘We made a mistake’: Former Arizona TV personalities avoid jail time after cocaine found in their baby’s system

This is accompanied by a photo of the couple smiling.

The couple in the NY Daily News story, Krystin and Somchai Lisaius, were given one year’s probation and had their 30-day jail terms suspended, after cocaine was found in their four-month-old baby's system.

Krystin had attended a party the night before breastfeeding her baby, and didn't realise cocaine would still be in her system 12 hours later.

The story on the right, however, looks a little different. The black man and woman are depicted in a much harsher light for a far lesser crime.

The headline reads:

2 people suspected of stealing 90 cans of baby formula from Walmart

Antonio C. Tate and Jamieka B. Coleman-Wertz were arrest for stealing the items from a Walmart in Madison, Wisconsin.

Can you spot the way the difference in the way the two crimes were reported?

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