Twin male models film themselves coming out to their dad

Twin male models film themselves coming out to their dad

Austin Rhodes (that's him on the left) and his twin brother Aaron (that's him on the right) are both male models. They also both happen to be gay.

They'd already told their entire family, except for one person: their dad. They decided to tell him together and to film the results for their popular YouTube channel to help others in a similar situation feel "encouraged and inspired".

With visible apprehension and at times breaking down in tears, the pair manage to tell their dad the news before he delivers them the most important words a son can hear:

I just don’t really know what to say... You know I love you both... that’ll never change.

After finishing the call, Austin said he'd never been so nervous in his life and Aaron said he felt like 10 million pounds had been lifted from his shoulders.

Basically what we want our message to be. Just to be yourself whether you are gay, or bi, or transgender, whatever it is. Or maybe you’re straight and you’re struggling with a different issue. Do whatever makes you happy.

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The call begins at around 1:14:

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