Two people try to 'expose' Islam by sneaking into mosques. It backfired, badly

Twitter screengrab

Sandra Solomon, describes herself as "devout Christian and follower of my beloved lord Jesus Christ" on her website.

She is currently touring the US, Canada and Israel to show the world what she claims are "the perils of Islam".

Last night, a video of her emerged on Twitter, after being shared byMiddle East Eye columnist CJ Werleman.

In the video, Solomon and a friend she identifies only as "Jesse" put on burkas and go into a mosque in Calgary in order to "spy on Muslims".

They encourage other people to go into mosques wearing a burka in order to "expose islam".

The video appears to have first appeared on her YouTube channel but was removed for violating the site's terms on 'hate speech'.

Sharing the link to her Facebook page, Solomon wrote:

Patriots must watch..this is just the beginning of series of many videos to come .How to spy on muslims [SP]

We must keep our eyes open for everything they do or say .Don't trust any muslim [SP] no matter how peaceful they look .Let's work together to expose them .No sharia law .No M -103 [a notion in Canadian parliament to condemn hate speech against Musilms] we will not be quelled  [sic]. 

People have been quick to point out the irony of her video, given that mosques are open spaces.

Others have pointed out that you can quite clearly tell there's a man under that burka.

It's not clear if they did go in, or the reaction they had, as they haven't released any footage.

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