These two Muslim women confronted a bigot in the street and he got really confused

These two Muslim women confronted a bigot in the street and he got really confused

Kalsoom Naqvi and her friend Tayiba Hussain said they were minding their own business in Exeter city centre last week when a man walking past allegedly decided to make some racist comments.

He said things like "I hear a trigger going off... Kaboom!" and "Go back home", Kalsoom claimed in a post on Facebook.

The pair were shocked by what they heard - but instead of letting him get away with the remarks, decided to ask him why he said what he did.

They recorded the ensuing confrontation, which has got the whole internet laughing at the man in question.

He appears to have a lot of trouble grasping the fact that someone born in the UK can be just as British as him, which you can see for yourself below - and he says some vile things.

Do you know what the problem is in this country at the moment? Muslims absolutely invading this country, like cockroaches. You're like cockroaches.

Kalsoom asks him to explain what she was doing walking by that he found so offensive, and he gestures for her to remove her headscarf.

If I was in your country... we'd all have to wear [gestures around his face]... Why won't you take that off?

Kalsoom retorts:

Do you even know what country I'm from?

Unable to accept the pair telling him they're British, he eventually walks off. The women are eventually joined by passersby who intervene to ask whether they're alright.

Many people online have been quick to applaud the two friends for having the initiative and bravery to confront the stranger. As one person commented:

This video made me angry and hopeful at the same time. You are our future and for that I am thankful. You have no responsibility in representing women or in representing your faith, but in both you just did an awesome job!!

Kalsoom has since spoken to the police about the incident. Writing on Facebook to say thank you for the outpouring of support the video generated, she said she hopes that more people will speak up if they see everyday racism.

... please, please, please never stand by and watch as this happens to someone else. I can't even begin to express my gratitude to those that intervened - think it really showed the idiot that he was (mostly) alone in his ignorance.

Tayiba added:

I agree. Don't ever be afraid to confront someone like that. And always remember that evidence is key. Record what is going on. This man represents only a small group of people. However, the people who just stand by represents the majority of people. This saddens me more than what this man did.

This could have been any one of them and no one in turn would have spoken up. We should intervene when we see something like this in our country. I for one will stand up even if it means that I will be a lone voice.

indy100 has reached out to Kalsoom and Tayiba for comment as well as Devon and Cornwall police.

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