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Michael Gove managed to nab the first UK interview with Donald Trump, and they spoke on a number of issues, including the EU (Trump doesn't like it), British-American relations and the woes of immigration.

Gove’s subsequent ‘thumbs up’ photo with Donald Trump will go down in history as an exercise in sycophancy.

The internet found fault with every aspect of the photo...

The smirks

The Playboy poster in the background

And the thumbs up, emerging from the bottom of the photo like a beached whale.

Also present and interviewing on behalf of German online publication Bild, was journalist Kai Diekmann. He spoke at length on the subject of immigration, and Trump's criticisms of Angela Merkel's policy towards Syrian refugees.

And then, it was time to take a photo with the President-elect:

Spot the difference.

It is unclear whether Diekmann's gesture was an act of passive aggression, unconscious rebellion or he'd flat out said no to doing a thumbs up sign.

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