Uber driver fired after livestreaming female passengers and having the internet ‘rate’ them

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Uber and Lyft have cut ties with one of its drivers after it was revealed that he covertly livestreamed his passengers online.

Jason Gargac, a 32-year-old driver and aspiring police officer from Missouri, would consistently broadcast his rides to thousands of subscribers on livestreaming service Twitch, according to reports.

There were reportedly 700 riders captured on film in just the past four months – most of whom had no idea they were being broadcast.

One passenger told St Louis Post-Dispatch:

I feel violated. I’m embarrassed.

We got in an Uber at 2am to be safe, and then I find out that because of that, everything I said in that car is online and people are watching me. It makes me sick.

Passengers were reportedly recorded while drunk and in various states, and viewers would make sexual comments and rate them on an attractiveness scale of 1-10.

Uber initially responded to complaints by offering them $5 credit and gave their word the driver won’t be matched with them again. However, following mass outrage, both Uber and Lyft terminated Gargac’s employment.

The state of Missouri only requires one party to consent to the recording of a conversation.

A Lyft spokesperson told The Independent that their priority is the safety of customers, and they have "deactivated this driver".

Uber similarly stated the driver’s action were "not in line with our user terms and community guidelines".

Gargac, who failed to prevent newspapers from using his full name, told the Post-Dispatch that the $3,000 worth of cameras installed in his vehicle were for his protection.

However in conflicting reports, he also said he intended to broadcast his passengers, and, though he once alerted passengers that he was livestreaming his rides, he eventually stopped because it was "fake [and] felt produced".

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