Government ridiculed for bizarre suggestions on 'measuring' two metre distance

A year ago the phrase 'social distancing' would have been alien to even the most informed of medical experts.

Nowadays it's all you hear about.

Whether you are shopping, on public transport, or going for a walk it is imperative that you keep two metres apart from someone that you don't live within order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Now that lockdown measures are being eased, the importance of social distancing is greater than ever but it would still seem that some people haven't quite got a grip on what constitutes a two-metre gap.

So, in order to help, Downing Street has released a handy guide which informs you just how much of a gap you should keep from others which is:

  • 1 bed
  • 2 benches
  • 3 fridges
  • 4 chairs

Sorry, what?

Yes, it would appear that the government is now using furniture and household appliances to get the message of social distancing across but judging by the response, people are more confused than ever.

So many questions, so many variables, so little time.

Still, if anyone knows the true width of a fridge it's Boris Johnson...

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