Council called 'snowflakes' after attempting to protect workers in UK heatwave

Council called 'snowflakes' after attempting to protect workers in UK heatwave
NHS doctor shares tips for dealing with heatwave

A snowflake council has been branded "woke" for asking residents to put wheelie bins out earlier in the morning so refuse collectors don't have to work in the heat.

Blaby District Council issued the advice to locals earlier this week as Britain prepared for the hottest day of the year with the mercury expected to soar to 34C.

The Leicestershire authority requested people put out their rubbish by 6.30am today (Fri) so binmen could complete their rounds before temperatures peaked.

But many responded with criticism to the move and branded town hall bosses a "woke joke" with one urging: "Get on with your jobs."

Another pointed out the majority of Brits would be working in the same conditions while one resident fumed: "Stop this pampering. They are fully grown men!”

The council had said on Wednesday (15/6) it wanted to reduce the time its bin collectors would be out in the "extreme heat".

They wrote: "It's set to be 32C on Friday, June 17, so we're sending out our crews at 6.30am to reduce their work in the extreme heat.

"Please have your bins out and ready for collection by 6..30am. Thank you as always."

Council slammed as 'woke' after protecting workers during

One web user commented online: "32 degrees is not an heatwave .Stop this pampering the are fully grown men."

Another added: "I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in my entire life. This country cannot cope with heat or snow.

"Bet they all go abroad for holidays. I’ll still be out there working to pay my bills. 12 hours."

One person said: "Good job the police on the beat, traffic wardens, builders are able to cope."

Another wrote: "What a joke council, get on with your jobs, woke council man up!"

A fifth put: "They don’t even have to carry the old metal dustbins from back gardens etc anymore.

"They don’t even have to wheel the wheelie bins far as the drivers block streets so they get as close to the bins as possible."

Others were more sympathetic to the binmen with one writing: "Is it really much of an inconvenience to put your bin out a little bit earlier?"

Another said: "I put mine out the night before anyway, so not sure what the fuss is about."

The Met Office said London and some areas of East Anglia are most likely to reach a scorching 34C, while other parts of England and Wales are expected to hit 27-30C.

The UK Health Security Agency and the Met Office have issued several heat health alerts across the country.

NHS officials also warned of "serious health risks" and advised the vulnerable to "take extra care" in temperatures which are expected to be hotter than Jamaica.

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Reporting by Adam Dutton
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