UK heatwave: Show this map to your nearest climate change denier

UK heatwave: Show this map to your nearest climate change denier
Huge fire engulfs North Yorkshire field amid heatwave

Unless you've chosen to spend your days living indoors in a perfectly air-conditioned room, you might've noticed that it's super hot outside right now.

Like, it is ridiculously warm, is getting hotter and no one knows when it will actually stop. Temperatures are reported to reach close to 40c in parts of the country by the weekend, which could prompt a 'national emergency.'

In many ways, this is a global epidemic and despite awareness of global warming becoming more prevalent, a resolution to the problem doesn't appear to be anywhere in sight.

Of course, this situation isn't being helped by climate change deniers, like Donald Trump, who appears to struggle to tell the difference between climate change and general weather.

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If you needed a visual example of just how serious the global heatwave is we suggest you take a look at this tweet from meteorologist Simon Lee, which details the stark difference in temperatures in the UK between 1976 and 2018.

According to Simon's research, only areas of South America, Canada and Africa aren't experiencing a significant increase in temperatures right now, whereas in 1976 only a few areas of the planet were noticeably hotter than usual.

Simon's tweet soon went viral and at the time of writing has been shared more than 6,800 times.

In follow-up tweets, Simon explained that the data was acquired from The Nasa Goddard Institute for Space Studies and added a chart which shows just how steep the increase in temperature has been since 1976.

We're not experts on this sort of thing, but we're willing to bet that these sorts of stats aren't encouraging in the slightest and should be viewed with great concern.

We are just going to leave this gif here, which will never cease to be relevant.

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