UK weather: People are bored as heatwave intensifies

UK weather: People are bored as heatwave intensifies

It's the year 2050: Great Britain is a desert island, we eat barbecues for every meal and Boris Johnson emigrated north in an attempt to stop looking like a lobster.

With parts of Britain set to face temperatures of at least 35C by Thursday after weeks of sun, it's hard to see the future going any other way.

Perhaps this is just the world's way of punishing us for not settling for rain. By the way, rain is that wet, cold thing that used to fall from the skies and is also what dreams are made of.

Well, Brits are sick of it, and have taken to Twitter in droves to let the weather know what's what.

OK, enough now.

These are the kind of temperatures we use to cook a roast. One we might enjoy on a normal, chilly summer's day.

Weeks into the heatwave and the British are already wondering if it will outlast us.

Everyone is swogging.

We're not prepared for this.

Most of us don't even have fans, let alone air con.

The tube is getting unbearable, as this disturbing footage reveals.

Though not everyone in Britain has it quite as bad...

Wind? Rain? Cold? Don't be like this. We take it back.

The weather is definitely angry with us.

Remember the Beast from the East? They were better days.

But least we know who's to blame.

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