Other countries are mocking Britons for being unable to cope with snowmageddon – and it's brutal

Friday 02 March 2018 12:15
A couple walk along the A53 Buxton Road, which is closed due to heavy snow fall, after abandoning their car near Leek(Reuters)

Britons famously love to talk about the weather, and our friends abroad famously love to mock us for it.

So when we were hit with snowmaggedon – coupled with a dash of Storm Emma – our friends in colder countries were unsympathetic to say the least.

In Montreal, where it can regularly reach -16C, they have built an underground city to avoid the winter. Japan and Norway are also used to their fair share of snow. Meanwhile in Britain...

Norway has noticed, and they think we need to get some perspective.

Canada is, quite frankly, worried about us.

And Japan? Japan has barely been able to breathe for 20 minutes because it's laughing so hard.

Whichever country and climate you're reading this from, stay safe – and stay warm.

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