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A UKIP councillor from Peterborough is facing a deluge of jokes and ridicule after 'Britain' was misspelt on his own leaflet. Yes, really.

The leaflets have begun to circulate in the Cambridgeshire city in the wake of Labour MP Fiona Onasanya becoming disgraced after she was jailed after lying to the police about speeding.

Her sentencing could prompt a by-election for the seat and UKIP are eyeing an "opportunity to cause an upheaval in Westminster" hence the presence of the leaflets which promote John Whitby.

However, thing's could have got off to a worse start for the Fletton and Stanground councillor and his team as the aforementioned typo appears in the very first paragraph.

Peterborough: Shaping Britians' future.

Quite how this was even sent to the printers is a little beyond us. Like, this is the name of the country that UKIP is supposedly so proud to represent, yet they can't even spell it right.

The opening sentence was slightly better but could have really done with a comma and they haven't even mentioned what the criminal offence is.

We’ve been let down! As you may be aware our MP has recently been convicted of a serious criminal offence but has now appealed against it.

This is one of a series of recent UKIP gaffes and the response online has been of pure schadenfreude.

Yet, amazingly Whitby has admitted in an interview with the Peterborough Telegraph that he had proofread it himself.

I typed it incorrectly and it's an embarrassment that it happened. A few of us misproofread [sic] it and missed two letters and a comma.

It's important to get right, but it's an honest mistake. I'll hold my hands up.Β 

If the only thing people can pick up is a couple spelling errors then we've done our job.

The error was apparently spotted by members of Peterborough's UKIP branch after 200-300 leaflets were distributed.

It has reportedly now been corrected and a further 10,000 leaflets without any mistakes have now been dispatched.

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