Nigel Farage's complaint about The Independent Group forced Tim Farron to get involved

Nigel Farage's complaint about The Independent Group forced Tim Farron to get involved

With just over a month until Brexit, it seems everyone is setting out their stalls and have their most sworn enemies in their cross hairs.

Even Tim Farron, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats, who hasn't done a huge amount in Westminster since stepping down from the leadership in 2017, is coming out all guns blazing.

This is in relation to a tweet by a man who clearly doesn't learn his lesson, Mr Nigel Farage, who has been on such a phenomenally bad streak on Twitter it's surprising that he hasn't had himself banned out of sheer embarrassment.

Tweeting on Monday after seven Labour MPs resigned from the party to start the new Independent Group within parliament, Farage wasn't too impressed that they won't have to contest a by-election and compared it to the calls to have a 'People's Vote' on leaving the EU.

However, Nigel really should have thought about his own history before making such a statement, as he has a past of leaving a political party and not losing his parliamentary seat.

After stepping down as UKIP leader in July 2016 and fully rescinding his membership to the pro-Brexit party in December last year, Farage, as of yet, has not had to face an election for his seat in the European parliament.

This fact didn't escape Farron who stated this little fact to Farage in what will possibly be the best tweet of his entire political career.

Farron wasn't the only person to deliver this epic burn to Farage, a man who often has trouble with important facts.

In case you were wondering, the next European parliament elections are in May, so Farage won't have to wait too long to contest an election.

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