Ukip: David Lammy and Ed Miliband are like rats in a sack

Ukip: David Lammy and Ed Miliband are like rats in a sack

Ukip has a message for David Lammy and Labour leader Ed Miliband after the MP and would-be London mayoral candidate attacked his own party for trying to "out-kip Ukip" on immigration, and that message is: You are both wrong.

Lammy had objected to a leaflet titled 'Labour's tough new approach to immigration', which said the party would hire 1,000 new border staff, and ensure all frontline public sector staff such as nurses and care workers could "speak English" if it were to gain power in May. He posted a picture of the flyer on Twitter, saying: "We're a pro-immigration party: let's not race to the bottom."

He later told the Evening Standard Labour should engage "in the debate on immigration but not on Ukip’s terms".

Speaking to, Ukip's migration spokesperson Steven Woolfe said:

Both Lammy and Miliband views of the migration debate are nonsensical even as they fight like rats in a sack to take on Ukip's fair and ethical immigration policy for the UK.

He went on: "Far from pandering to Ukip, Labour's policies fail to tackle the problems of uncontrolled immigration that they promoted in government. Their internal party infighting would be funny if only their denial of their part in the UK's failed border policies weren't so tragic!"

Expect to see many, many more versions of this row in the next 99 days.

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