The founder oF UKIP, and an LBC caller recently got into a heated debate over democracy and Brexit on the Ian Payne radio show, culminating in the caller asking the professor if he had eaten “unicorns” for breakfast.

A woman called Liz phoned in to LBC and began by telling Professor Alan Sked, who is a history professor at the London School of Economics:

I really take issue, clearly you're an academic and you understand detail, we don't make decisions in this country based on a straw poll.

Sked asked what straw poll she referred to and she said the “advisory referendum”.

Sked responded:

It wasn't advisory, we were told it would be implemented by the Prime Minister and by all leading politicians.

Liz clapped back:

The political messages are not legally binding, as we are seeing now with the charlatan prime minister, he says one thing to the public and another thing to the court.

At this point, Sked released a long sigh, and Liz steamed ahead:

We are ruled by law and you know as an academic it's a very dangerous line to go down misleading the public with these populist messages.

An argument ensued, in which Liz accused Sked of wanting to leave the EU on “some sovereignty hunt” prompting him to say he wanted Brexit for “democratic independence and self-government”.

Apparently done with the back and forth, Liz posited the following:

Answer the question, have you been eating unicorns for breakfast and every meal since the referendum?

I'd like to know because this is absolute nonsense.

Well, then. It’s hard to recover from that, but Sked tried. "I'm sorry you lost,” he said.

Liz replied: "The whole country lost."

He's the most frustrating guy.

You can watch the full conversation in the video below.


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