Ukip MEP's solution to Calais migrant crisis: Invade France

By now we know that looking for a rational take on current affairs from a Ukip MEP isn't the best of ideas.

But Roger Helmer, who at one point wanted to be an MP, still has the ability to take our breath away.

Perhaps spurred on by calls on the Daily Mail front page to send in the troops to Calais, he suggested one way to stop hundreds of people from attempting to reach the UK would be to, um, invade France.

Seeing that Britain didn't really exist in the 16th century, or that France is one of our closest allies, and that the migrants are in most cases fleeing war and persecution in their own countries, this probably ranks as one of the worst ideas anyone has ever had in the history of cognitive thought.

Unless it was a joke, Roger, in which case fool us once... shame on you... fool us... you can't get fooled again!

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