'It’s okay to be white’ posters spotted around university campus


Reportedly, posters that read “it’s okay to be white” were spotted around the University of Bristol campus by students this week.

Graffiti with the same message has also been spotted on the campus, and worryingly, the slogan has been linked to fascist groups like Generation Identity.

While students are worried by the posters and their intention, the Bristol Student-Staff Solidarity group was quick to respond.

On Facebook, they said:

We are absolutely disgusted and furious to find that somebody, or a group of individuals have been putting up posters around campus that say ‘it's okay to be white’.

They went on to explain why a phrase that may seem innocuous is actually more sinister:

This seemingly innocent enough phrase is a popular dogwhistle of the trans-atlantic fascist movement. It has openly been used by fascists as a gateway into more sinister conspiracies such as ‘White Genocide theory’, ‘The Great Replacement’ and ‘Race Realism’.

They also rightly pointed out that the implication is to suggest that there is some kind of attack on whiteness by a “woke agenda”.

The group encourage people to take posters down carefully and share where they’ve been spotted.

H/T: The Tab

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