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The 2020 US presidential election, which took place on Tuesday, is still yet to declare a winner and is proving to be an excruciating spectacle to behold.

Many states have already projected their winner, placing Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump on electoral college points with key states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania still yet to be called at the time of writing.

Joe Biden is leading the vote count in Nevada, Arizona and now Georgia and is said to have eaten into Trump's lead in Pennsylvania thanks largely to the amount of mail-in ballots that have come in for the Democrat.

With that being said, at the time of writing there is still a lot of counting to do and a long way to go and for some people, perhaps lacking in patience, it's all taking a little too long leading to many memes.

The truth of the matter is that 100 million people voted even before election day and Joe Biden has already received at least 73 million votes, more than any other candidate in history, surpassing the record set by Barack Obama in 2008.

This is a huge amount of ballots that need to be counted and on top of this, there is the small matter of a global pandemic holding things up, with protecting everyone's health and safety remaining an absolute priority.

Some of these facts appear to have gone over a few people's heads including the president who on Thursday called for counting to be stopped.

It should be pretty obvious why things are taking forever to sort out, but Trump supporters continue to offer this up as proof that there's some sort of fraud going on (there is no evidence of this).

But the BBC's Simon McCoy, a news anchor renowned for his deadpan delivery took mere seconds to spell it out to viewers.

Reporting on Thursday he said:

"I mean, we're in the middle of a pandemic, there are an awful lot of votes to count. It's as simple as that isn't it, when people say 'why is it taking so long'."

Can't say fairer than that really.

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