Poetry has gotten a bad rep over the years, but it turns out it can still help people in times of crisis.

A woman, Agnes Frimston, posted to Twitter that she had overheard a woman crying in a bathroom stall, and, upon learning the other woman was grieving her mother, opted to read her a poem.

Taking to Twitter, Frimston wrote:

Last night I was in a loo and a woman entered the only other stall crying. I did the awkward shout over and asked if she was ok or wanted to talk about it, or needed a hug.

Frimston says she then went on to read a poem, “To the Woman Crying Uncontrollably in the Next Stall” by Kim Addonizio, to the sobbing woman.

When the woman asked Frimston for her mobile number, she gave it to her, because, “it’s very difficult to say no to a woman crying about the death of her mother, I gave them to her.” now the women appear to be firm friends, with the woman responding to Agnes on Twitter and reportedly texting her, I will never ever forget your voice through the closed door. Thank you Agnes xx

The heartwarming story has gone viral, reminding people the importance and impact of reaching out to strangers wherever they are.

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