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You probably have your routine set for washing your hair. We're going to try to change that.

If you're anything like us, you're a disorganised mess who every other day squeezes a bunch of shampoo into your palm, whacks it on top, rubs it in a bit, then stands under the showerhead, contemplating another soul-destroying day until you realise it's rinsed out.

Or maybe you just run the razor over your scalp a bit.

There are those who have a pre-shampoo treatment, honey shampoo, a post-shampoo balm, deep-repair conditioner, and something else ludicrous.

Either way, hair is hair and we could all probably use some guidelines. The rules were never really explained.

First off the bat, less is more when it comes to using shampoo - but use it twice.

Paul Windle, the co-founder of Windle & Moodie and one of London's top hairdressers, told Harper's Bazaar:

People tend to use far too much shampoo. The trick is to shampoo twice and both times use a small amount of product.

Also, don't leave it in, You need to rinse thoroughly. Really thoroughly.

It’s the rinsing that takes the dirt away, not the shampoo. There is no such thing as over-rinsing.

If we're talking technique with your fingers, Oscar Blandi of the haircare brand line is here to help. He told Teen Vogue:

Don't use your nails or massage the scalp too harshly.

You want to apply minimal pressure. Your scalp might naturally feel it, but it's not as dirty as you think.

Finally - drying. How to best dry your hair has been explained by Dove:

Do not rub your hair with a towel to dry it. Instead, gently pat to blot dry your hair. Thereafter, allow your hair to dry naturally.

You don't want to pull at it or cause any damage - so be gentle!

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