Wayne Rooney's doppelganger has been spotted in a Nazi documentary


Wayne Rooney has had many looks throughout his long and storied career in football.

Firstly he broke into the footballing world as a fresh faced 16-year-old.

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Then there was the time he licked a huge lollipop while on holiday.

The 'maturing' phase.

Let's not forget about the various (and unfair) comparisons to Shrek.

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He also went full-on horror movie a few weeks ago too.


However, nobody has probably ever said he looked like Nazi, until recently.

This isn't because of any controversial political views the Everton star might hold but because of an unfortunate lookalike on a documentary.

An eagle eyed viewer who saw National Geographic's Hitler's Death Army: Das Reich on Wednesday noticed that a Nazi soldier from World War II bore a striking resemblance to the former England captain.

Looking at the evidence it's easy to see why.

Picture:Picture: National Geographic

The uncanniness was first noticed by viewer John Ball who told The Sun:

It got to about halfway through and I thought Wayne had swapped footie for time travel.

It looks exactly like him, I couldn't stop laughing. Maybe it was him in a former life

Of course it isn't Rooney in any way, shape or form.

It is instead a soldier preparing for the Battle of Kursk on the Eastern front in 1943 as a member of Hitler's Werhmacht.

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