It's possible we've reached peak Daily Mail

The Daily Mail's front page today reads: "Obesity in women 'as dangerous as terror threat'":

The 'extraordinary' claim reportedly comes from Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies, who has said that the health risk posed by obesity is as deadly a threat as major disease outbreaks, flooding, and terror attacks, in a report on women's health released today.

The report is expected to go into great detail on the the biggest challenges facing women's health, including domestic abuse, maternal health, eating disorders and ovarian cancer, as well as obesity (which lest we forget, is something that happens to men too).

But of course, the opportunity to fat-shame women on the front page and chuck in a dose of fear-mongering at the same time was too good for the Mail to resist.

Is this as Daily Mail as the Daily Mail will ever get? Only time will tell.

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