The Weather Channel is making quite a name for themselves with their immersive representations of extreme weather.

Last year they became viral hits thanks to their 'terrifying' example of what Hurricane Florence could have looked like in a worst case scenario.

They followed this up in October with a disturbing look at US forest fires that was basically a look at the apocalypse.

Their latest effort focuses on the winter storm that is forecast to hit the US Midwest and Northeast this weekend.

In the clip, meteorologist Jim Cantore, who is no stranger to dangerous weather, starts way up in the heavens to show how strong the winds are before literally descending to Earth where he settles in a small town.

There he shows viewers how the severe the ice will be as it causes havoc, bringing down tree branches and causing buses to crash. He also has to avoid a huge icicle which falls from a cell tower.

Whilst this is all very scary and is basically a very expensive way of telling people to not go outside, viewers are still impressed with the lengths that the Weather Channel are willing to go to inform people.

HT Mashable

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