A police officer just contacted one of London's biggest radio stations to thank people for their support

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Tributes have flooded in for PC Keith Palmer, who was killed in yesterday’s terror attack, and praise for his fellow officers and emergency service workers who help saved lives in Westminster.

This appreciation was perfectly summed up in an email sent into The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio this morning.

A London police officer, who wished to remain anonymous, connected O’Connell to ask him to express his gratitude for all the Londoners who took the time to thank the police yesterday.

Could you please pass on my thanks to all the Londoners who stopped and spoke to me in the aftermath of the attack as we stood in uniform providing reassurance.

I was a bit choked by the amount of thanks, best wishes and condolences that were passed and it shows London as the fantastic city that it is.

O’Connell duly read out the message on his show, as well as posting it on Twitter and Facebook.

O’Connell added:

This morning I got this email from a Met Police Officer who wanted to thank people who were thanking him and his colleagues.

How amazing is that?

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