Tory press officer flees Jeremy Corbyn rally after being confronted by Michael Crick

A Conservative Party press officer fled a rally held in Nuneaton by the Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn when his cover was blown by the inimitable Channel 4 News reporter Michael Crick.

Footage of the incident shows Crick approach a certain Mr Mike Watkinson, who displays a look of utter terror as he realises he's being confronted by one of the finest door-steppers in the media.

The press officer stands up, nervously chuckles "I don't know what you're talking about" and then leaves the building.

But he is then pursued all the way back to his car by the camera crew and Crick, who asks him a barrage of questions, all of which he refuses to answer:

Why are you walking out?

What were you doing at this meeting?

You do seem to be leaving this meeting rather rapidly?

Are you not a Corbyn supporter?!

Who was it that sent you? The party chairman? David Cameron?

Where are you going? Are you going home?

You seem a bit embarrassed about this Mr Watkinson...

A Conservative spokeswoman said it was aware the staff member had attended the rally.

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