What happens when a Sun journalist asks Jeremy Corbyn about the Queen

Intrigue was piqued on Twitter on Monday as reports emerged that Jeremy Corbyn, the unlikely favourite to be the next Labour leader, was seen dashing across College Green in Westminster.

Where could the left-wing MP for Islington North, so unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight this summer, be off to in such a rush? Perhaps he had a train to catch, a rally to attend, or maybe his allotment just really needed a good watering?

No, sadly, it was none of these things. It has since emerged that Corbyn was in fact running away from Sun journalist Harry Cole - of Guido Fawkes, tank-outside-the-BBC, caught-by-a-baying-mob-with-Ukip-MP-Douglas-Carswell fame.

Sun journalist Harry Cole (circled) Picture: Getty

Writing for the Sun's politics microsite SunNation, Cole later explained the dialogue he'd had with "devout republican" Corbyn before the MP took flight:

Harry Cole:

Jeremy, Jeremy. Sorry to bother you, Harry Cole from the Sun.

Jeremy Corbyn:


Harry Cole:

I was wondering if you had a message for the Queen as she becomes the longest serving monarch on Wednesday.

Jeremy Corbyn:


Harry Cole:

Or whether you will be celebrating that in any way?

Jeremy Corbyn to aide:

Can you ask this man to please go away.

Jeremy Corbyn:

I am NOT speaking to the Sun.

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