Jeremy Corbyn has called on prime minister David Cameron to "hold out the hand of humanity" to refugees after spending Saturday in makeshift camps outside Calais and Dunkirk.

The government is currently considering plans to admit unaccompanied minors who have fled war and persecution at home into the UK.

Several charities have asked Downing Street to grant asylum to at least 3,000 young people from Syria and Afghanistan who are travelling on their own and are deemed most at risk from people traffickers.

During his visit to the camps this weekend the Labour leader urged Cameron to not just grant children asylum but to ensure they have access to homes and an education, drawing parallels to the provisions offered to Jewish children rescued from the Nazis and bought to the UK in 1939.

But according to Red Box, several people weren't entirely sure who Corbyn was. One refugee shouted: "Welcome David Cameron", and this teenager got an autograph just because:

As Corbyn was leaving, an aid worker reportedly shouted:

Sort it out Jeremy. Make this the f*cking purpose of your life.

Plans to take in 3,000 children from Calais are a humanitarian commitment on top of the 20,000 people the UK is supposed to accept by 2020 from refugee camps in Lebanon and Turkey.

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