An open letter in the Calais Jungle has a very abrupt message for the Daily Mail

An improvised open letter to journalists in the 'Jungle' makeshift refugee camp in Calais has been circulating on social media this week.

Hammad Khamis, a photojournalist from Berlin, spent 12 days in the Jungle in October, writing a series of stories for German-language magazine Seinsart.

He was meeting an Albanian man who lived between the Afghan and Sudanese districts of the Jungle when he spotted a piece of paper duck-taped to the side of a caravan.

It read in English:

To journalists:
Photograph: €10

(or free if you take someone to England in your car)
(or if you're from the Daily Mail just f--k off)

Khamis, who was asking permission from people, many of whom had experienced severe trauma, before taking any photos, was amused enough to ask where the sign came from.

Speaking to The Independent, Khamis said he found out:

[French and German] volunteers had put it on a caravan, where they were giving help to the refugees.

Many of the journalists have taken pics of the refugees without asking. Even in very personal moments. The worst case was one from the Daily Mail.

There have been several reports of unethical behaviour on the part of journalists from various publications, police and other authorities at the camp at Calais, which is home to a shifting population of around 5,000 people who hope to claim asylum in the UK.

There are worrying reports of substance abuse, sexual assault and violence as tensions grow under the poor conditions, as well as health worries as temperatures have dropped over the winter.

You can read about Khamis' experiences in the Jungle and his original story here. has contacted The Daily Mail for comment.

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