What happens when you try to show the Charlie Hebdo cover on Sky News

What happens when you try to show the Charlie Hebdo cover on Sky News

Charlie Hebdo contributor Caroline Fourest was on Sky News last night discussing the first issue of the satirical paper released since terrorists stormed the magazine's office, killing 12 people.

The cover features an image of the Prophet Mohamed, a tear falling from his eye, holding up a "Je Suis Charlie" sign with accompanying text reading "tout est pardonne" (all is forgiven).

Most UK newspapers, broadcasters and other news outlets have opted not to show the cover as images of the Prophet Mohamed are considered offensive to Sunni Muslims.

In her Sky News appearance, Fourest said she was "very, very sad" about this state of affairs, saying journalists in Britain had betrayed "what journalism is about by thinking that people cannot be grown enough to decide if a drawing is offending or not because you're not even showing it".

"It is completely crazy that in UK you cannot show a simple drawing as that," she said, as she attempted to show the front page of the magazine before the camera panned away and Sky News cut back to presenter Dharshini David, who apologised for any offence caused.

"We at SkyNews have chosen not to show that cover, so we'd appreciate it, Caroline, not showing that," David said.

"I do apologise, for any of our viewers who may have been offended by that."

Watch the full video below:

wanted newspapers to publish Charlie Hebdo cartoons featuring Mohamed

More than 5million copies are being printed for a magazine with a normal print run of around 45,000, with French president Francois Hollande saying Charlie Hebdo had been "reborn" thanks to the unprecedented demand in France.

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