What the Green Party has to say about the Lib-Lab-Con climate pledge

What the Green Party has to say about the Lib-Lab-Con climate pledge

David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband have signed a declaration that they will work together and step up the fight against climate change.

Despite the general election being less than three months away, the three party leaders have pledged to work “across party lines” to agree cuts to the UK’s carbon emissions.

The three leaders said climate change posed a threat to national security and economic prosperity and agreed to sign up to seeking a “fair, strong, legally binding” international climate deal, set to be negotiated in Paris at the end of the year.

In reaction to the news, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett welcomed the news but also warned that actions speak louder than words.

No doubt these warm words will be treated with some suspicion by many. In the Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems we have three parties who have been in power in recent years and failed to go anywhere near far enough in the fight against runaway climate change.

Voters will be able, however, to make a judgement as to why it has taken them so long to reach this point, and how it squares with their actions in government and policies on fracking, road building, airport expansion, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

We will work hard to ensure that this agreement is maintained in letter and in spirit, and that decisions and policies are based on evidence and realism - particularly about the little developed technology of carbon capture and storage.

  • Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader

Meanwhile, Ukip spokesman Roger Helmer said in a statement: "It is clearly apparent that none of them are aware of the looming crisis in energy generation that faces the country. Cheap plentiful, reliable energy is not a luxury, but the very stuff of life." It is unclear if his letter was written with a quill pen and ink.

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