What time everyone gets up, mapped

What time everyone gets up, mapped

What time you wake up can vary massively depending on where you live and work.

The US census bureau has released has released research on who gets up at what time.

New Yorkers get up the latest of all states - most of them not rolling into work until 8:24 . The earliest of early birds are those that live in Crestview, a city in the Florida pan handle that are in work very early at 7:32 every day.

The data was complied by the US Census Bureau and cleaned by statistician Nate Silver. It doesn't take into account things like commute times. In cities were people are travelling along way into work or from another metro area they may get to start later.

New York, Atlantic City, San Jose are the latest starters - all beginning after 8:20am, the earliest start a whole hour before. Those working in Hinesville, Georgia are the first to rise and shine, starting work at 7:01. Followed by Pascagoula, Mississippi and Jacksonville, North Carolina.

The Cities with the late starters roughly breakdown into three categories. Places like Boston and San Francisco that join New York in the ten latest states are home to lots of young professionals and creative industries - which tend to start later.

There's also a prominence of University towns among the late starters - Ithaca, New York is hme to Cornell University, Lawrence is home to the University of Kansas, and Logan is home to the Utah State University.

The others are cities - such as Atlantic City, New Jersey, Orlando and Miami, that have industries based on tourism, recreation and gambling - therefore has lots of people of late shifts. In Atlantic City, a quarter of the work force doesn't start their day until 11:26am.

Those with early starts are probably as a result of the military, as there are large bases in Hinesville, Killeen and Jacksonville - others have economies that largely rely on agriculture.

Honolulu doesn't fit the trend with others - but this may be because they start early in order to coordinate their schedules with mainland businesses in a different timezone.

Before you all book a trip to New York in order to get an extra hour in bed - generally speaking, the early or late start is more determined by the type of work, not the city itself.

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