Picture: Frank Chalmers/Twitter
Picture: Frank Chalmers/Twitter

What do you do if your neighbour puts up a political sign you deeply disagree with?

Put up your own, of course, and kick off.

Frank Chalmers, 61, lives in Gospel Oak, north London.

When one of his neighbours decided to put up a pro-Brexit sign reading "Vote Leave", he decided to contribute to it by adding his own.

Picture: Frank Chalmers/Twitter

The image was shared by his son, Malcolm, on Twitter, where it has been shared by thousands, including Hackney North MP and Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, Diane Abbott.

Malcolm Chalmers told the Evening Standard that the signs haven't caused a neighbourhood rift, however:

He gave the neighbours a bottle of wine as a peace offering.

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and my dad is just the type of person who likes to make a point in a humorous manner.

However, the very latest development is that the neighbour has taken down the 'Vote Leave' sign.

We'll be sure to try and find out why, while Malcolm deals with his utterly broken notifications page.

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