Picture: Vladimir Mucibabic/istock
Picture: Vladimir Mucibabic/istock

A new warrior who is about as subtle as a car crash and just as loud has joined the ranks of internet mainsplainers.

Kari was having a perfectly normal debate with her friend on Twitter about US politics earlier this week…

Standard stuff, really.

Wrong. One Twitter user, who she refers to as “some dude” decided to police her tone. He wasn’t having it:

Now Kari is a #realrebel and she refused to allow a man (or anyone really) to tell her she should tone it down. God forbid he engaged with her on an intellectual level.

That wasn't the end of it.

Kari's behaviour was so unacceptable, the Twitter user tracked her boyfriend down on Facebook to tell her off.

Seriously. He messaged her boyfriend. A person he doesn't know:

Your girlfriend is a real piece of work. She was rude to my friend online, I asked her to check her tone, and she resorts to male bashing? Yeesh.

Needless to say, the boyfriend had a perfect response:

She obviously got a rise out of you enough to message her boyfriend who had absolutely nothing to do with whatever sexist comment you or your friend was guilty of making...

I’m also going to be blocking you because I have literally no idea who you are…

Kari told BuzzFeed:

He was basically trying to tattle on me, like, ‘control your woman…’ I think a lot of women get told to be more polite.

Kari's tweet has been shared over 1,000 times in the space of a few days and people can't help but troll:

Slowly step away from everything with an internet connection...

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