As tens of thousands march against austerity in London, it's worth remembering the £3billion of spending cuts that were fast-tracked by George Osborne shortly after the general election.

The Chancellor said the savings will be found by Whitehall in the current financial year – a cut of 3 per cent in non-protected departments. They had been due to form part of his £13bn savings over the following two years.

Mr Osborne will raise another £1.5bn by selling the Government’s remaining 30 per cent stake in Royal Mail.

The honeymoon enjoyed by the Tories since last month’s general election victory ended as they were accused of “lurching to the right” and imposing “extreme cuts” faster than they had told voters.

Here's where the cuts will hit hardest:

Education: £450m

Schools protected; administrative costs at “arm’s-length bodies” cut; sixth-form colleges vulnerable; children’s services could be affected; doubts grow on childcare funding.

Health: £200m

NHS ring-fenced; £200m of grants to local authorities for public health clawed back.

Transport: £545m

Sale of land near King’s Cross Station in London will raise two-thirds of the saving.

Home Office: £30m

Police and counter-terrorism work will be protected.

Work and Pensions: £105m

Efficiency savings and increasing debt recovery.

Defence: £500m

Cuts to travel and overtime by civilian staff; equipment budget will rise by 1 per cent.

Business, Innovation, Skills: £450m

Cuts to further and higher education, and departmental efficiency savings.

Communities, Local Government: £230m

Justice: £249m

Foreign Office: £20m

Energy and Climate Change: £70m

Environment: £83m

Culture, Media and Sport: £30m

HM Revenue & Customs: £80m

Treasury: £7m

Cabinet Office: £17m

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