Two litters of rare woolly piglets have been born at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

The Mangalitsa piglets have arrived as part of a “baby boom” at the zoo, which has also seen a baby saki monkey, a yak calf and young wallabies born during the spring.

The two litters of Mangalitsa piglets – a rare, Hungarian breed – were born to mothers Blanka and Marja, and were “already beginning to grow their strangely sheep-like woolly coats”, according to the zoo.

Matt Webb, animal manager at the Bedfordshire zoo, said: “After such a difficult year, seeing the zoo filled with people, as well as new life, feels like just what the doctor ordered.

“We’re looking forward to safely welcoming back many more visitors and members over the spring and summer, so it’s lovely that there will be brand new animals for them to discover upon their return.”

Whipsnade Zoo reopened to the public on Monday April 12 as part of England’s nationwide relaxation of lockdown restrictions.

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