A white couple said their children were left ‘scared’ after a police officer visited them following a phone call by a white woman after she saw them with a black babysitter.

David Parker and Dana Mango, from Atlanta, told Good Morning America that an officer called them to verify that Corey Lewis – a family friend and babysitter – had been given permission to be with their children that day.

“We were at dinner, and I saw that Mr Lewis had called,” Mango told GMA.

I called back and a police officer answered the phone. The police officer was trying to explain that he was there with my kids and that they were OK, but he wanted to confirm that I had given permission to Mr Lewis to be with them.

It truly took several minutes to believe that it was real. I was just in a state of disbelief.

According to Lewis, the incident started after he went out with the family’s six and ten-year- old children, when an unnamed white woman went up to them and asked the children “if they were all right".

She pulled up to my vehicle and asked if the kids were all right. I responded with, 'Why wouldn't they be?'

She then said, 'Things look weird,' and then she drove off.

A short while later, Lewis noticed that she was following his car with her own.

The woman proceeded to call the police, and the parents got a call from them.

“The officer was actually apologetic," Mango told GMA.

I think he was embarrassed. He saw what was happening pretty quickly, and after he spoke to me and confirmed that everything was all right, he let them go.

The children, Addison and Nicholas, revealed that they were scared. Mango added:

They said they were scared that they would say the wrong thing and cause him to get arrested.

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