A mostly minority school in Manhattan has sparked outrage after asking its students to fill in a "white privilege" survey.

A two-page assessment titled "White Privilege Exercise" was stapled to a hallway bulletin board inside the Life Sciences Secondary School in Manhattan, New York.

Some of it's questions include statements such as "If a police officer pulls me over, I can be sure I haven't been singled out because of my race", with the option to circle "often", "sometimes" or "seldom".

City councilman Joseph Borelli, who has revealed it is unclear who put the survey up or why, said:

What could even be the purpose of this in a school that has so few white students? Is it to inflame tensions and single out?

Given the school’s abominable test and college readiness scores, perhaps the chancellor should be concerned that they are not teaching enough math and English.

Only three per cent of the high school students and only two per cent of the middle school students are white.

HT The New York Post

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