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A white shop worker in Naperville, Illinois has been fired after he refused to serve to women speaking Spanish and threatened to call US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Video of the incident, which occurred at a Bucky’s Mobil store was shared by user Mafer Hmurphy on Facebook.

The man can be seen telling Hispanic customers that “ICE will come” and they “have no rights”.

Carolina Buitron told NBCthat she and her family – some of whom were visiting from Mexico – had stopped by the shop to purchase snacks when the worker demanded they leave because they were speaking Spanish, calling them “illegals”.

"He started asking about my cousins, if they were illegal, family or friends, are they adopted," Buitron said, and it was at this point she started recording on her phone.

The first of two videos begins mid-argument, with the man behind the counter saying “over and over, undocumented people, a lot”.

“I’m an American,” he went on to say, hitting his chest with his finger as one of the women repeatedly asks “What is the problem?”

“It’s illegal,” he goes on to say.

The woman behind the camera interjected, telling him “It’s not illegal,” prompting him to ask, “Are you a citizen?”

The woman told him that she is, and asked him again: “What is your problem?”

“Don’t you know the rules?” The man continued to ask the women, and eventually one of the women said she was calling the police in Spanish.

“You’ll be sorry. ICE will come,” he told them as they were working out.

“Bye, god bless you,” he said, adding:

You’re in the wrong country. I’m glad you came.

BuzzFeed News has identified the employee as Joseph Phillip Daniel. A Trump supporter, he reportedly calls himself a “prophet” on social media.

Bucky’s released a statement in which they said after an investigation the man is “no longer employed by us”.

Recently, a video was posted on social media of a Bucky's associate engaged in a confrontation with a customer.

The comments made by the associate are not reflective of the core values of Bucky’s Convenience Stores.

We apologize to all of the individuals that were affected by this associate’s inappropriate behavior.

As with all personnel matters, we did a full investigation and determined this individual’s behavior was unacceptable.

He is no longer employed by us. We do not tolerate any behavior that is insensitive to our valued customers.

Bucky’s Convenience Stores is a very diverse and inclusive company that believes in treating all individuals with the utmost respect.

We strive for our customers to have a great experience each time they stop at Bucky’s. [SIC]

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